Susan Shaw October Look Book

All Susan Shaw jewelry is either 24Kt handcast gold plated or handcast sterling silver plated. Handcasting is a plating method done by hand. This method produces the most consistent and highest quality plating possible and is far superior to standard machine plating. The pieces are handcast with three coats of 24Kt gold or sterling silver. All items are plated over a lead-free, nickel-free base metal.

None of their jewelry is made using plastic pieces. All items are comprised of genuine freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones, including genuine turquoise, quartz, coral, onyx, and agate. The cotton pearl collection is unique and unlike genuine pearls. A cotton pearl contains a tightly wound inner-layer of cotton with a paper-maché-like outer layer. They are extremely light weight, giving you the benefit of bigger pearls without the bulky weight.

Short necklaces featured are generally 16″ and each include a 3″ extender chain, and comfortably worn between 16-19″.  Longer chains are generally 30″.

Bracelets are generally 7.5″ to 8″ but depend on the design and materials used.

Mother of Pearl Lariat Necklace


This lariat allows a classic style to reinvent itself with a fresh feeling. The necklace’s extender chain enables the style to be worn closer to the neck or with a lower drop. The long chain drops beautifully to showcase the gold, mother of pearl pendant and elevates any look.

Lariat Wrap Necklace


This necklace is the perfect finishing piece to every jewelry box. The 40 inch, wrap-a-round style can be worn countless ways and can stand alone or add to any layered look time and time again.

Diane Studs


Add a timeless touch to your look with these unique Diane Studs. These gold studs will give your wardrobe a luxurious edge. Effortlessly elegant, they will make a stylish statement.

Knot Studs


Beauty and elegance combine with these Knot Stud earrings! Crafted from gold with a classic twisted design, these timeless earrings make the perfect addition to any outfit. Add a subtle hint of sophistication with a pair of Knot Studs!

Horse Bit Equestrian Necklace


Horse Bit Earrings


These collections are designed to be worn together or mixed and matched. Whether you’re mixing metals or sticking with just one; loving a statement stone or adding pops of color throughout your look, our handmade pieces bring a touch of je ne sais quoi to every look.

Diana Pearl Choker Necklace


Celebrating an icon. This coin honors the life of Princess Diana, whose influence is still alive today. This necklace was designed with Diana’s favorite pearl style in mind.

Dotted Bee Pearl Necklace


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