2019 Interior Design Trends

If it’s time to redecorate your home, give these latest trends a look first. Whether it’s painting your ceiling or finally purchasing that floral wallpaper that keeps catching your eye, you will find inspiration here for your new project. Read on to learn what local interior designers see trending for 2019!

Gretchen Ruvo, Gretchen Ruvo Designs, LLC

Gretchen Ruvo, Gretchen Ruvo Designs, LLC


Round shapes are hot right now, and I expect that to last for the next several years and into the future. Curvy tiles, curved velvet sofas, round dining tables – the circular shape will soften all the straight edges of a room and give it a bit of a feminine vibe. It’s a bit of Art Deco influence coming into play and probably a reaction to all the straight, hard lines of mid-century modern. I think people are looking for soothing organic shapes, and having curves in a room gives an inviting and relaxing feeling. I also love mixing the straight lines – think crown moulding and wood wall millwork with the soft curves of a sofa. They are a great complement to one another.

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