My First Blog Post

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October 14, 2019

My First Blog Post

April 26, 2018 I've never blogged before and I'm sure you would realize that after reading a sentence or two.  The reason I started to blog is that I've decided to join the 21st century and have a website for my interior design business.  I'm working with two great people to create the website.  The website guru is a talented and patient young man named Josh. The second person is my really good friend and idea bounce-r-off-er, Leigh.  Leigh also works with me part time and assists in all aspects of the business.  I depend on her more than she knows and I'm so thankful for her help and friendship!     

  Since this is my first blog I feel that I should introduce my life to you.  First, I'm a mom.  I have one child, a boy and he is eight. I was told I could never have children and I accepted this at a young age and assumed it was God's way of saying I wasn't meant to have kids.  Nearing my 40th birthday I realized I had never questioned the doctors, I had never researched my "problem", I hadn't done one thing.  At the age of 39, I started to ache for a child.  I spoke with my husband who had also accepted we weren't going to have children. We talked and talked and decided to just try... Six weeks later and after my 40th birthday we found out I was pregnant! In June of 2009 our son was born and he is amazing!  His name is Robert Charles Ruvo.jr but my husband nicknamed him Sonny right before he was born. To be honest, at the time I wasn't thrilled about the nickname Sonny but it really suits him, now I love calling him Sonny!   

    During the pregnancy, the design firm I worked for closed due to the economy so I found a great job working as a receptionist for a doctors office in Chattanooga and attempting to side hustle my design business.  After Sonny was born I only worked at my business from our home.  Due to word of mouth for advertising the business started to grow.  A couple of years later I was able to rent some studio space from a fantastic couple.  Now I had a place to meet with clients and have room for a library of fabric and wallcovering books.  I stayed there for several years and would probably still be there but opportunity knocked and I answered.  This year I moved into a 70+ year-old newly renovated small house on the family farm.   I work out of the little house and Leigh works with me there part-time.  The third employee aka our mascot is Dasher the rescue dog!  

  Please go on the journey of finishing touches on the little house with me.  There will be furniture, window treatments and landscaping specifically to the little house on the blog.  I'm sure there will be some side adventures included too! 

  Join me!


  1. I’m so proud of you! You are such a talented designer and great person!!

  2. Shelby Anderson says:

    Gretchen’s ideas and designs are top notch. She listens to you and ensures your taste and ideas are brought to fruition…only better than you could’ve imagined!

  3. Susan Brandon Smith says:

    So excited for you Gretchen!

  4. Beverly Kellett says:

    So happy for you Gretchen!! I know your business will flourish even more. ILeigh is happy working with you and she has learned so much from you. I am very proud of her. Good luck in every endeavor. Love ya!

  5. Liz Absher says:

    Best of luck! I absolutely LOVE everything about our home remodel that you helped design. Our guests always love it as well.

  6. This is AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see your journey!! CONGRATS!!!

    If need some smell good scents in your new place I’d be happy to help

  7. Michal A Lockaby says:

    So glad to see this happen! Im Leigh’s Aunt Michal.

  8. Dwight says:

    congrats Mrs. Ruvo, I am sure you will do fine.

  9. Michelle Medlin says:

    That is AWESOME Gretchen! You have accomplished more than I could have ever thought about doing!! Congratulations!!

  10. Amanda says:

    I’ve been so happy for you as I watched your business grow! Congratulations on the building and blog, and we hope for many years of raving success for you!

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